What is the Worst That Could Happen

worst fear everWhat’s the Worst That Could Happen

I used to worry about all the bad things which “might” happen and wasted tons of energy on things which never occurred. My motto became, “What’s the worst that can happen?” and if I could live with whatever the worst was, I was in good shape. Far less of my energy went into worrying because the worst that could happen was already identified and deemed livable.

Bad News

A few days ago the property management company (from now on referred to as MCH) for my vacation rental called me with bad news. They had filled the rest of the April calendar (yeah!) with a last minute booking. Just after the guest left my condo the credit card company called MCH and said the charges had been reversed. The “guest” had used a stolen credit card to pay for their 5 night stay. When the real owner of the card saw the charge on their account, boom it was reversed. Not only that, things had been stolen.credit card fraud

Testing the Motto

What is the worst that can happen when you are a landlord of any kind… the guest/tenant uses your property without paying for it and they steal things or leave it damaged. Someone got 5 nights in my condo and stole some of the furnishings. The housekeeper mentioned some knives were bent so I have asked MCH to check for damage in the unit. Maybe they were trying to pry open the owner’s closet?

Not the Worst Ever

The stolen items are easily replaced and the last minute booking wasn’t income I was counting on originally so I can live with the worst. MCH is putting new policies into place related to last minute bookings so this doesn’t happen again. Meanwhile another guest arrives in a few days. There is lots of availability for the summer months and it’s a great time to visit Maui! Head over for the fourth Friday in May, June, or July!

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