Washtucna Bound

Northern Franklin county terrain

Ice age scablands and farming country in Northern Franklin County on my way to Adams County

My Client is Washtucna Bound

Ever since my earliest days in real estate I have welcomed Internet leads. Some of my favorite clients came my way via Zillow or Realtor.com. A week ago a call came in from someone who wanted to see a home in Washtucna! Most agents would have said, “Nah, not driving 70+ miles to show a house!” I said, “Gosh I haven’t been to Washtucna in forever, let’s do it!”

Farming Country

Long line of BPA towers cross agricultural lands

Look for the BPA towers, the farm I grew up on had these same towers

My family farmed the land just across the river from Kahlotus, which is the town you go through to get to Washtucna! Back then you could drive across Lower Monumental Dam, which made Kahlotus the closest place to get a gallon of milk or a burger. In my college years coming home from the University of Idaho (Go Vandals!) hitting Washtucna let me know I was almost home! Driving through farming country to go show the home in Washtucna was like driving through my childhood. Note: After 9/11 the stopped allowing people to drive across the Snake River Dams.

What the home originally looked like.Cool Home

And what a cool home my client found in Washtucna! Built by the founder of Washtucna, George Bassett, this farmhouse used to have a second story and a ballroom on the third floor! At some point, someone took the top two stories off, weird but true!


The Cove

Half moon seating area with curved glass windows and wooden bench

One of the coolest features is the half moon seating area with a wooden bench seat in the living room. Known as The Cove by the current owners the windows are actually curved! So cool! Hopefully all things come together (in real estate you never know) and my buyer makes this her new home!

Will Travel

Growing up it was 35 miles to the school, and 50 miles to Walla Walla where we went for clothes, groceries, and parts for the machinery. Want to buy or sell somewhere outside the Tri-Cities, give me a holler! I don’t mind taking a drive! Especially if it is into farming country!


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