Senior Citizens – Stay or Move Part 2

Mobile home in a park with a wheelchair ramp

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Stay or Move – Part 2

Stay or Move? In my last post the discussion was how to help seniors safely stay in their current home. If a senior cannot safely stay in their home, what are their options? Three possibilities are: moving to a different single-family home, moving in with family, moving to an apartment, or assisted living or another type of group environment.

elderly man in a chairMoving to a Different Single Family Home

Let’s assume the current home is not safe. This is most often due to stairs in the home. Stairs and outside steps are a struggle for folks with bad knees or who are now using a walker or wheelchair. Finding a one level home might be the answer. Currently I have a listing for a 1 level home with a wheelchair ramp in a mobile home park. A mobile home park can provide a good supportive neighborhood and amenities. Some parks and neighborhoods are 55+ communities, which might be more peaceful for the senior. There are plans for more 55+ and senior housing in the near future in the Southridge area of Kennewick, and in West Richland. Contact me if you want to know more!

Moving in With FamilyTwo hands touching one is a baby the other is an older person's hand

Several of my senior clients have sold their home and moved in with family. In some cases the family had a separate dwelling, sometimes called a casita, or a mother-in-law apartment inside the home. Other families just had an extra bedroom.

Moving to a Group Environment

Other clients have sold their home and moved to a group environment. For some a regular apartment complex was the answer. For others a more specialized type of apartment in assisted living was their choice. There are a wide variety of assisted living situations in the Tri-Cities. Sam Miller of Living Well provides a FREE service to help senior citizens find the right complex. After an interview to determine the best choices, Sam will tour facilities with the seniors and their families.

Dog in moving boxMoving – Ugh!

Any of these choices means the senior has to MOVE! Ugh! No one likes moving especially if someone has been in their home for many years! I have lots of resources to help with the sorting, packing, and moving! Many of my clients have used Caring Transitions of Greater Tri-Cities or Changing Places.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is to call me! The senior does not have to be selling or buying a home for me to help! I am glad to help anyone who needs advice or resources!

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