Senior Citizens – Stay or Move Part 1

Talking with a senior clientRecently I have had several meetings with senior citizens who are ready to leave their long-time home. Some of these folks are planning to move as far away as Montana, and even upstate New York. The first question is, should seniors move or can they stay where they are?

Staying Put

For most clients, their reason(s) to move out of their long-term home can be summed up in a couple of categories. Lack of support to stay where they are, or obstacles in the home itself.

Lack of support

Older woman with hands clasped in her lapIf they lack support from family because of geographic distance there are companies which will provide in-home care and support either part or full time. Family First Senior Care is one example of a business I can recommend to seniors so they can stay where they currently live. They provide caregivers and registered nurses to help seniors stay in their own homes. If the senior needs just a little help Meals on Wheels might provide the right combination of daily nutrition and interaction. If taking medications on time is the biggest issue, pill packs from RxPharmacy might be the answer. These are a few of the resources to provide the necessary support for a senior to stay in their home.

Obstacles in the home

contractor or handyman using a drill to fix somethingMany seniors still have all the mental capacities to care for themselves, but their home is providing physical obstacles. The most common issue is a home with stairs which have to be traversed to get to the front/back door, do laundry, or go to bed. Older bathroom designs also can be a problem if the senior uses a walker or wheelchair. Sometimes the home can be altered by a good handyman. Rob Thurston or Hunny-Do Crew for example. Often all that is needed is a ramp, grab bars in the bathroom, or a chairlift. Another type of obstacle for many folks is clutter.

cluttered basement typical of long-held family homesEliminating clutter isn’t always easy, many of the items have sentimental value. Or they were useful in the past. Organizers such as Caring Transitions of Greater Tri-Cities can help seniors make decisions. Some items will be kept, some sold, others given away. The saved items are re-organized to make the home more accessible. If the senior is ready to make a move the organizer can arrange for movers to get them to their new destination.

Making a Move

For those seniors making a move, there are some options as far as housing. Moving into a new home, moving into an assisted living environment, or moving in with family. Stay tuned for Part 2 about these options!

Moving boxes with a poodle on top indicating a move is happening


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