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Realtor Tools

Talking with an advertising friend the other day about working with senior citizens as an SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) he said, “Kay you need to TELL people all the tools you have available for them!”

In thinking about this I realized there are multiple toolsets in my toolbox.

In the TrunkTrunk of a realtors car with all the tools of the trade

First, there are actual real tools in the back of my car. There are carbon monoxide detectors in case I get to an appraisal and the homeowner doesn’t have one. No reason for someone to have to pay for a reappraisal just for a $30 CO detector. There are boots for walking bare land, pliers, a mallet for tapping signs into the ground and a staple gun for hanging posters when necessary. The most used items are the wire ties and scissors, which are used to attach sign riders such as the Sale Pending sign!

Endless List of ResourcesResources are all in my phone

However, my advertising friend has no idea about the toolkit in my trunk! He was talking about all the resources for my clients, especially my senior citizen clients and their families. Here are a few of my favorites, this is just the tip of the iceberg of my resource list.

  • Decluttering, Organizing, Packing, Estate Sales – My top two are: Caring Transitions of the Greater Tri-Cities and Changing Places They will help make the space work so the senior can stay in their home, or help them go through a 30-year accumulation of treasures and pack them for a move.contractor or handyman using a drill to fix something
  • Handyman – Goodness knows a good handyman to do everything from changing smoke alarm batteries and light bulbs that cannot be safely reached, or adding grab bars, or doing simple repairs a regular contractor won’t call back for, is a godsend. Rob Thurston of RT’s Specialties and Hunny-Do Crew are my top two.

Elder law attorneys, financial planners, accountants, roofers… I have a list in all of these categories! Every good Realtor has a list of resources for clients but mine is heavily weighted to those folks who will help my senior citizen clients!

Contact me today if you need resources for your home!

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