Parade of Homes 2019

Parade of Homes 2019

Trends Which Caught My Eye

Here are a few trends which caught my eye during the just-completed 2019 Parade of Homes! The first trend was that there were only 14 homes to tour. In the past, there have been quite a few more. However, this made it easier to see all the Parade homes. trends

Dark Accent Walls

Many homes had very dark accent walls, a few had entire rooms painted deep, dark colors. From true black, to a very saturated blue, to green, there were some dark walls in many homes. Below under accent tiles you will see more dark walls done in wall in bonus room

dark green accent wall

dark green wallsCool Tiles

There were lots of cool tiles as backsplashes, shower walls, floors. Here are a few that caught my eye. Check out the shower with three different coordinated beige tiles. Beige is back, more in a second!

three different tiles in this shower

Moroccan style tiles

tiled dark accent wall

Beige is Back!

The last few years it seemed that everything was gray – walls, floors, countertops, accent pieces. This year I saw beige carpet, beige walls, beige accents. There was still a lot of gray but it is safe to say, beige is back baby! Loved the botanical prints in the bedroom pictured below.

beige is back

Feeling Blue

Blue is my favorite color and it was great to see so many rooms decorated in shades of blue! The Gale-Rew parade home even had a pale blue exterior! Here are a few interior decor pics with blue in them!

Shades of blue playroom

Blue dining chairs


Greenery always fills up space! Succulents are still on trend and were spotted in a lot of the parade homes. Succulents are very easy to grow as long as you DO NOT water them. Well, give them a little water when the soil is completely dry maybe every 3-4 weeks. They hold water in their waxy, thick leaves, if you overwater them they will die! They come in all shapes and sizes, here are some fake ones from this year’s Brett Lott Charity House.


Favorite Features

Here are my FAVORITE features from this year’s homes! First up, the transom style windows above the doors in the Don Pratt home. With the high ceilings in this home these windows added light and airiness to the rooms.

transom windows above the doors

And my absolute, “going to copy this in my house” feature was the master bedroom coffee bar! I have seen homes with coffee bars but not IN the master!

coffee bar in the bedroom

So many more features to highlight. Next year I will take more time, and more photos, will visiting the Parade of Homes! What was your favorite home? Favorite feature? Contact me and tell me about, share your pics!


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