Mystical Maui

Mediating in tropical location

Mystical Maui

This post might sound a little “out there.” But I recently had a conversation with someone who said the exact same thing, so here goes!

Where I am Whole! Maui beach

Maui is mystical to me! What I said to my friend was, “I feel like a piece of my soul resides in Maui and I am not really whole again until I get there!” When he answered, with bright eyes and a huge smile, “ME TOO!” I realized I should share this. Mystical Maui is the place where I am whole!

Maybe we all have that place where we feel whole. Is it the home in which you grew up? The place you met the one you love? For whatever reason my place is Maui!

Hana is the Most Mystical for Ancient Hawaiians

Interestingly the most mystical part of the island for Hawaiians, is the part I have not yet visited, the town of Hana! I wrote about the trip to Hana in a previous post The Road to Hana is a journey I plan to take on a future visit. For the ancient Ali’i, the rulers of the Hawaiian people, Hana was the most important spot in the entire island chain! Even more interesting they built their palace on the complete other side of the island!

hula dancer telling the history of the islands with her handsI want to read more history of the islands! The history was oral, told in chants and legends. My understanding is that the hula is the chants combined with dancing and the story is told through the hands, like sign language. Thankfully sea captains who visited wrote down some of the stories. The rest were gathered from native Hawaiians who remembered the oral history!



Back on Maui Despite the Pandemic

Double masks for air travel during the pandemic

Little food in airports and no food served on planes during pandemic Traveling with my lunch bagCurrently I am here on Maui but there is no trip to Hana this time or hiking to the Iao needle or any of the other More to Do on Maui. The islands still require a 14 day quarantine period for anyone arriving from the mainland. Despite the challenges of getting here safely during the pandemic I decided to come. Twelve hours wearing two masks wasn’t fun, but it was doable. Having to pack enough food forĀ 12 hours of traveling because airport shops are closed and airlines are not serving food was weird, although likely much healthier fare.

And now a hurricane is coming!

Tomorrow night hurricane Douglas also is arriving, my first hurricane!

Predicted path of hurricane Douglas over the Hawaiian islands

I will write another post about the hurricane and more on being a property owner from a distance. In the meantime I am enjoing the serenity and peace. This place makes me whole! This morning I was up before the sun so I could sit on the lanai and listen to the bird song. I waited for the sun to come up over the mountain. Last night I sat and watched the sun set. Such simple things but so important to my soul! Contact me if you would like to know more about visiting Maui!

July 24 2020 sunset Kihei Maui


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