Grandma Kay is My Other Name

Grandma Kay is My Other Name

Most people know my business name is Realtor Kay. When I was teaching online my students called me Dr. Kay. The name I MOST love to hear is Grandma Kay! Seven young people (and some of their friends) address me as Grandma Kay, they are my favorite people in all the world! You won’t find me sharing photos of them very often because there are too many wierdos in the world. But I am happy to tell you about them!

Grandma Time – Twice a Year, And Once a Week

At least twice a year I head for the east coast to visit my older grandchildren, unless they have a trip planned heading to the west coast. And, except for when I am on an east coast trek, every Wednesday at 5:30 AM I leave for Walla Walla to take care of my three local grandchildren. They are now 7, 5, and 3 and this has been a weekly thing, Grandma Wednesdays, for their whole lives.

Example of a Nailed It example and the resultNailed It

My oldest Walla Walla granddaughter is 7 and she is obsessed with a Netflix show called Nailed It. On this show 3 home bakers attempt to recreate a professionally decorated cake, often with pretty disastrous results. Here is an example of the kinds of results often seen on the show!

Nailed It Challenge

This week is my birthday. And I am planning, to her glee, a Nailed It challenge for my granddaughter. When I leave Tri-Cities I will take with me all the ingredients we need for her to pull this off! So far I have pastel fondant, gel food coloring, and a recipe for chocolate cake, and white icing. A whole world is opening up as I seek out things like clear vanilla extract so the icing remains white!

flower and butterfly cakeThe Goal

Here is the example cake photo, this is her goal, to come as close to this as possible. I can’t wait to see how she does! I will add a comment after the fact so you can see the results!

Packed and Ready!

I always take everything we need for the day, but for this big adventure I definitely needed to make sure we had everything she would need! Stay tuned for the after pic! And here it is on the right!

packed for the baking challengeThe final product from the Nailed It challenge


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