Fourth of July or Halloween on Maui

Fireworks from Lahaina

Fireworks over the Pacific!

Holiday Time

Holidays on Maui can be a unique and fun experience! The obvious choices are Valentine’s Day (lover’s paradise) and then Thanksgiving or Christmas/New Year’s time. Have you thought about heading to Maui for the Fourth of July or Halloween? Both of these holidays are still available for my condo!

Front Street in Lahaina at SunsetHead to Lahaina

For both the Fourth of July and Halloween the destination of choice on the island is Lahaina Town. There are festivities everywhere but Lahaina hosts the BIG parties on holidays! Lahaina is about a 35-40 min on a good day. Plan a little longer for a holiday. The best bet would be to take a boat, or Uber back and forth so you can really enjoy the party! Lahaina is one of the oldest settlements in the islands and is the former capital of the Hawaiian Kingdom under Kamehameha.

Fourth of JulyHawaiian State Seal

Lahaina is currently raising money for an especially big Fourth of July this year! The plans sound epic and will help fund other improvements for Lahaina visitors. Hawaii became the 50th state just 60 years ago!


Halloween in LahainaWhile visitng Maui a few years ago in late October, I became aware that it was a huge destination for Halloween partiers! Having visited Las Vegas for Halloween (now THAT is a crazy place on Oct. 31) the idea of a huge, crazy party on laidback Maui didn’t seem possible. While we didn’t go to Lahaina Town for Halloween on that trip, we heard from other folks who did! Sounds like we missed out! I now know it is called the Mardi Gras of the Pacific! Who knew? If you love Halloween, why not try Maui this year?


Always a Holiday on Maui

While holidays and big parties are always fun, the atmosphere on Maui is always a laidback good time. Every day is a holiday on Maui!

Maui beach



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