Excited but nervous! Next week the condo is mine!

grounds of Hale Kamaole complex showing pool

Hale Kamaole complex view.

Yesterday I signed the papers to purchase the condo! I still haven’t even seen it except in pictures. Which means I am excited but nervous. Here are some things I’ve learned, or done for the first time, and the challenges ahead.



Mobile Notary

I signed the papers via a mobile notary. And while I have had real estate clients who used one, this was my first time! A very nice, quite elderly gentleman was waiting for me yesterday morning at my office. He had all his notary equipment, including an ink pad to take my thumbprint. I should have asked him why the need for a fingerprint but I didn’t. I was anxious to get the documents done and sent back to Hawaii. In fact, time was of the essence in getting them sent back. After we were done I looked up how to become a notary. This might be a great way to meet some different people. Note to self: Consider becoming a notary!

Walk-Through and AirBnB Bookings

My property manager from Maui Condo and Home went to my unit to do the final walk-through, looking forward to her report. Technically it is a foregone conclusion that I am buying the unit. I still look forward to hearing her thoughts… excited but nervous.

The biggest remaining issue is the bookings which are still in the previous owners’ name with AirBnB. I don’t want to lose these future bookings but there seems to be no way to move them to me without accessing the previous owners’ account with AirBnB. Why is this so hard? Seems like this must happen quite often with vacation rentals.

Making Me a Better Realtor

The biggest takeaway from all this is that as a real estate agent, I need to stay in touch with my clients and help them through all the issues. Some issues are not technically part of the transaction, but they still impact the buyer or seller. Anything which is making them uneasy or worrying them, needs to be on my plate! That’s why I have a 5 star rating on Zillow after all!

Reporting From Maui Next Week

Next week photos and a full report from Maui! Very excited but nervous too! Stay tuned!


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