Contact the Listing Agent Yes or No

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Contact the Listing Agent Yes or No?

Searching online and there it is, DREAM HOME! Cue angels singing! The information with the home identifies the listing agent. Contact the listing agent Yes or no? Do you call the listing agent to see the home? That depends!

For Whom Does the Listing Agent Work?

Before you call the phone number on the real estate sign, let’s think about who has hired the agent? Who already has a signed contract, and an agency relationship, with the listing agent… the seller! The listing agent works for the seller. And while any good listing agent will show you the home and make you feel warm and cozy about working with them, they are not currently working for you.


Can They Work for Seller and Buyer?

With permission from the seller, the listing agent can become a dual agent and work for you, the buyer. As a dual agent they tread a fine line between trying to get the seller the most money, and getting the buyer the best deal. Do you want an agent who has to balance your needs and the sellers’ needs? Or do you want someone who is working just for you?

Agent in a home for saleDoes the Listing Agent Know the Most About the Home?

Some buyers have told me they like to call the listing agent to see the home because they know the most about the home. Yes, they likely do know more about the home. According to WA state law they only have to disclose material facts about the home. Keep in mind, the listing agent works for the seller.

Your Choice

As the buyer you have a choice! You can certainly call the listing agent to see the home. Or you can call your own agent and ask to see the home. A real estate agent can show you ANY home which is listed.

Kay Lehmann

My Choice

My choice is that I have never worked as a dual agent for both seller and buyer. I won’t say I will never do it, but I doubt that I will. Doing the best job for both sides without disclosing information which should be confidential is a very fine line. My nature is to help people! Whichever side I am working for, I want to help them as much as I can. As a dual agent, I just would not be able to help both sides as completely as I can work for just the buyer, or just the seller. Contact me today if I can help you!




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